Anyone can experience mood swings, feelings of depression and anxiety after experiencing emotional abuse or neglect. These negative experiences can impact your psychological and physical wellbeing. It is entirely normal to not feel fit, stable or happy, but sad, unhappy, irritable or discouraged instead. How much time you need to recover from abuse, neglect or other stressful events differs per person. 

Is your apathy, anxiety, anger or sadness a long-term issue? Or are you losing sleep over your worries? It might be advisable to seek professional help. Not everyone feels supported by their environment and counseling doesn’t really help unless you feel heard and understood. That sense of understanding and validation is the core of my treatment methods. 


By means of therapy and assignments such as testimony therapy, narrative exposure therapy, imaginary rescripting therapy, writing therapy and other forms of trauma focused therapy I can help you recognize problems and integrate them into a treatment style that works for you. The goal is to guide and support you while teaching you how to handle your problems and regain control of your life and happiness through meaningful reflection.

Trauma-healing can consist of:

  • Learning how to regain trust in people 
  • Regaining control and strength 
  • Learning to break through behavioral patterns
  • Practicing living in the present rather than the past by means of disassociation exercises 
  • Helping you redefine and anticipate your future 

The scope of the practice

Homeopathy can support you when you lack mental energy and help you recover psychologically. Sometimes breathing exercises, visualisations and EFT can be very effective when dealing with emotional instability.

Rebalancing, a form of body-focused therapy that aims to unleash emotion stored up within your being is offered. If you are dealing with toxic or otherwise exhausting people or you feel stuck in any other way, there is always a way forward. Therapy can help you regain your balance and strength. It is crucial to approach the root of your problem. That process takes time, but the experience is always worth it.

The treatment programs are short, usually about three to ten sessions. Aside from that I can offer you a tailored treatment plan based on natural remedies and phytotherapy (herbal therapy) and supplements. 

Your treatment may confront you with heavy unresolved emotions. You might experience typical phenomena such as moodiness and feelings of negativity, anger, sadness, grief or resistance. Allow yourself these feelings as they are a natural part of your healing process. 

When in therapy, you might feel the need to contact me outside our appointments. If you leave a message, you’ll be called back as soon as possible, during daytime as well as in the evening. If you can’t reach the practice in case of an emergency, please contact your doctor.

If you’d like to know more, ask a question here or make an appointment. A Skype consultation is a very effective option for clients living abroad.