Psychological abuse What is psychological or emotional abuse?

What is psychological abuse?

Psychological abuse or neglect in the formative years or within your relationship can lead to chronic stress. As a result, victims often develop psychological or physical problems such as depression, emotional numbness or social anxiety. Continuous feelings of despair, distrust or sadness also often find their origin in psychological abuse or neglect.

Signs of psychological abuse

Perhaps you have been in contact with someone suffering from an (undiagnosed) narcissistic personality disorder. The core of the issue for someone suffering from such a disorder is that they refuse to take any responsibility for their own behavior. When you realize you are dealing with, or have dealt with, a narcissistic person in your life and the reasons behind the often devastating after effects begin to unfold, this can cause a rollercoaster of emotions. All this time it wasn’t you who did something wrong! You were a victim! Bad experiences as a result of narcissistic abuse can even result in a trauma within their victims.

There a many types of psychological abuse. Maybe you suffer from psychological abuse in marriage or psychological abuse in relationships. There are many forms where you have to deal with the effects of psycholoabuse. In the next paragraph we talk more in dept abouut these effects.

The effects of abuse

Issues resulting from abuse can be difficult to indicate. The sense that something is wrong with you -without being able to put your finger on exactly what-, can instill a sense of loneliness in victims of psychological abuse. Perhaps you’ve never related your distress to events from the past.

Trauma treatment for abuse

On this website, I offer information about these topics. It will hopefully provide insight into what happened to you and the damage that it may have caused, as well as advice to help you recover. For survivors of psychological abuse help and guidance are often needed to restore the emotional, mental and physical damage. May you first of all, feel heard and understood by means of this website. Wan’t to know more about emotional abuse, please visit this page.

I offer counseling focused on trauma therapy. The therapy is focused on strengthening your sense of self and your identity. During the journey toward your recovery, we focus on building a sense of autonomy, discovering and safeguarding your boundaries and increasing resilience.

The Holistic treatment plan

In addition to trauma therapy I can, if you like, create a holistic treatment plan based on natural recovery from stress-related issues. Rebalancinga body-oriented approach, helps you create space for and awareness of your emotions and makes healing accessible via your body and senses.

Over the last couple of years, I have gathered knowledge and experience around issues parents can face when dealing with organizations such as child protective services. If necessary, I can help you deal with these institutions in the best possible way and, if you live in the Netherlands provide you with a list of lawyers that are experienced in dealing with custody battles.

I assist individual adults and adolescents as well as couples in dealing with these often sensitive and heartbreaking issues. Please take your time when browsing this website, as it will perhaps provide you with answers to some of your questions. As a source of information, it is far from all inclusive, so if you are missing anything or have ideas as to how to improve it, please let me know. You can also join the public Facebook group of this site for interesting articles about this issue.

Reimbursement for abuse

In the practice in Amsterdam I offer victims of abuse a broad range of treatment options. You don’t need a referral from your family doctor or specialist. I am a certified therapist affiliated with the professional organization NWP.

Do you want to know more about psychological abuse symptoms and the symptoms, or do you want to know what causes psychological abuse? Feel free to contact us