The art of being touched

Rebalancing is a body-centered therapy, which originated in India in the 1970’s, in connection with spiritual master Osho, where a great many therapists and bodyworkers came together and were inspired to combine their expertise. Rebalancing draws on techniques from Rolfing, Tragering, Feldenkrais, Rebirthing, Cranio-sacral therapy, Bio-enegetica and meditation. These techniques formed the basis of Rebalancing and were further developed under the guidance of Osho.


All of the ideas and beliefs you have about yourself find their source within your body. It makes a significant difference whether you look at the world from a tense body, where solving problems is your priority, or a more energetic and relaxed body, which can make life an adventure. A person’s posture can tell you how people -often subconsciously- think and feel about themselves. You are more comfortable in your body when it is more free. Free of pain, tension and pent up emotions. Expressing emotions can, therefore, be an effective way of releasing tension. 


Rebalancing involves working with various forms of manipulation of soft tissues in the body. Sometimes these techniques are soft and subtle or, at other times, deep and firm. This completely depends on the person who is lying on the massage table. The idea is that the therapist and you together find the right touch and depth that will bring you to a deeper level of consciousness. The right depth is found at the point where resistance and relaxation come together. Precisely at that point, intense consciousness and alertness create the space needed to connect with that physical and spiritual tension. When you experience that, it becomes possible to release the tension and create more consciousness in its place. You can only let go of that which you have truly felt and accepted. When the therapist works at the right depth, you can begin to feel more freedom, where before there was tension.


Rebalancing is a pleasurable and effective therapy for people who have difficulty putting their emotions into words. It also works very well if you are feeling ‘talked out’, as can happen during talk therapy. Perhaps you don’t have the need to talk for a while, then some form of massage can be a better way to connect with yourself. Feeling brings you closer to your inner self than thinking does. Feeling brings you closer to ‘being’.

This is the basic starting point of this technique. It is a way to be more in the present. When the body is touched, the spirit is touched. Every change within the body brings with it the potential for change in the soul. Experiencing and understanding body and soul as one make this technique a holistic approach.

The body is nothing but the visible aspect of the soul, and the soul is nothing but the invisible aspect of the body – Osho

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