About me

I am Natasja Paskas, and have had my own practice for ten years before specializing in psychological abuse and neglect. My work has made me very aware that emotional and physical ‘misunderstood’ and chronic complaints can be the result of chronic stress caused by past events.

Through years of traveling and working with people from over the whole world, combined with my formal training as a therapist, it has become clear to me that optimal health is strongly connected to a harmonious inner emotional state of being.

My love of people and fascination with the human experience play a large part in my work as a therapist. My approach is one of calmness, attentiveness, involvement, equality and genuine interest. My life experience has helped me to be able to quickly analyze problems and identify possible solutions, providing a solid and no- nonsense approach.

I am the creator and administrator of this information website, and as well as in my work in a homeopathy practice, I use a holistic strategy on a daily basis with victims of emotional abuse to guide them toward healing and recovery.