disclaimer and privacy

Psychological-Abuse.com and the referred practice by this website, refrains from establishing diagnoses. Advice and treatment are based on knowledge of natural science and should be considered supplementary to regular medical procedures, treatments and advice not replace them. We at this practice will never claim to be able to cure certain diseases, conditions or disorders and will ever advise to change medication or terminate treatment recommended or prescribed by your physician. This website has been composed with the utmost care. We are however not liable for any direct or indirect damage caused by the use of the information provided herein. No rights or claims can be derived from the contents of this website, which merely seek to inform its reader. This website may refer to third party websites; naturally, we are not responsible for the content of those pages. No part of this website may be used for other websites without permission. The Dutch law applies.

Permission requirement

Every start, continuation or termination of medical treatment requires the client’s permission. The therapist is required by law to provide the client with enough information to make deliberate decisions. In case of non-invasive treatment your doctor or therapist may consider your permission granted by default.

Your privacy

To ensure proper treatment it is necessary for me as your therapist to file your progress. Creating such a file is a legal requirement in The Netherlands, imposed upon the therapist by the Medical Treatment Agreement Act. Your file will contain notes about your health and information about the performed procedures and treatments. These notes are mandatory for the course of your treatment and may consist in part information that I share, after asking for your permission, requested with your insurer. 

The ways that we value and respect your privacy include:

  • Carefully handling your personal and medical files
  • Ensuring that only authorized personnel can access your file
  • Encrypting data traffic to and from our website
  • Periodically changing passwords to our online tools 

As your therapist, I am the only one with access to your file. I am, by law, bound by therapist -patient confidentiality. At your request, all electronically stored information can be destroyed. The data from your file may also be used for the following;

  • To inform other health care providers, for example when treatment is completed or when you are being referred to a different doctor or therapist. This only happens with your explicit permission.
  • To monitor your progress in my absence
  • Anonimised use during intercollegial review

Some of the information from your file will be used for financial administration purposes, so that my accountant can prepare an invoice or declaration. Should I require your information for other purposes, then I will always inform your first and explicitly request your permission. Our financial system does not save medical information. It stores financial information though, as we are required by the Dutch Internal Revenu Service to keep record of those for seven years. My accountant is the only one who has access to these files for financial checkups. 

Health care regulations and privacy

The health care bill you receive by (e-)mail includes the information your insurer requires, to help you file and declare these expenses. This information includes:

  • Your first name, family name, address and place of residence
  • Date of birth (this is mandatory to your insurers, while it’s unclear if this is allowed under new AVG laws)
  • Because of that law, your citizen service number (BSN) is not included on these bills and forms
  • Date of treatment
  • Short description of treatment, such as ‘24005 Other Naturopathy’ or ‘24104 Acupuncture’ 
  • Your e-mail address to e-mail your bill to you

Consent in minors

With minors aged between 12 and 16 permission is required from both the child and the parent(s). Treatment of children younger than 12 only requires the parents’ permission. If the parents are divorced, either both parents or one parent with parental authority has to grant their permission, regardless of how old the child is. If one parent does not have parental authority, they are still entitled to general information from and about the therapist or doctor.

For more information, consult the The Medical Treatment Agreement Act.