Healings to get out of your old patterns

You’ve spent hours in meditation and on your book shelf stand many self-help books. You’ve worked on yourself, eating as healthy as possible, you have attended (spiritual) workshops, you have been in therapy and you’ve developed better communication skills.

You have undergone a beautiful personal development in which you have released old patterns and were allowed to develop insights. That had a lot of value; you are kinder to yourself, others feel better understood by you and, therefore, you experience more connectedness.

But if you are very honest with yourself, it often still feels empty, lonely or ‘heavy’ inside and negative thoughts (about yourself) find a way to creep in.

After all that hard work, your soul does not yet feel ‘whole’ or healed. You struggle with yourself, you feel that you’re not ‘there’ yet – whatever you try – and there’s no feeling of purpose, enjoyment and peace. You feel no presence in the here and now and no unconditional love for yourself. You don’t know who you really are and your goal in life is still unclear.

Do you recognize these things?

  • Self-criticism and perfectionism/being judgmental
  • Self-doubt, shame and overthinking
  • Dealing with being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and/or introversion in an extroverted and impulse-rich world
  • Falling back into limiting beliefs
  • Feeling burnt out, bored out, or close to either
  • Competent, but unsure you’re fulfilling your potential
  • Loneliness and disconnection; lack of intimacy; anxious and/or avoidant behavior in relationships
  • Dissociation from your body/ the moment
  • Questioning your worthiness of love and belonging; difficulty taking up space
  • Being very sensitive to criticism
  • Self-censoring and being preoccupied with what others think of you
  • Procrastination and distracting yourself; addictive and numbing behaviors
  • Helping others at your own expense
  • Conflict avoidance and boundary issues
  • Putting your happiness on hold until … when exactly??
  • A desire to go deeper but being afraid and unsure of how to go about that
  • Getting recurring feedback from people that you are unable to acknowledge
     (possible blind spot)
  • Maybe now is the right moment to experience a healing session. A healing session works on a certain energy level, and is different from therapy in the sense that it has less of a rational approach. Healing can help heal the soul, so you can start to feel ‘whole’ and complete.

    The act of embracing your humanness, not pushing it away, will help you create self-compassion. Nobody is perfect and, for many of us, life doesn’t work out according to the plans we’ve set out, as much as we would like that to be different. Full self-acceptance instead of self-judgement or self rejection, gives you the inner peace you so desire.

    Then you learn to feel that you can place subconscious patterns in a different light and can live on a deeper level. Acceptance of your anger, resistance, loneliness, negative thoughts or shame gives freedom and healing.

    During a healing session, in which a deeper layer is addressed, you can discover new frameworks. This can help you to get out of your old patterns. The proces can be supported with homeopathy, herbs, supplements, nutritional recommendations, detoxing, essential oils, visualization and meditation to heighten the frequency of your being. You can make an appointment for a healing session in this practice.